Wednesday, September 19, 2012

welcome home bryson

The gang is all home! On Friday, September 14th one of Alex's very best friends returned home from his mission in Peru! He was the last in their group of friends to come home, and Alex is so happy about it! We went to the airport with Paige, Taylor, and Branson around four to wait for the plane to arrive. It was so fun to see these boys so excited. Bryson was making us all laugh, he laughs SO LOUD, and does this weird snapping thing ha I don't know him too well so I thought it was pretty funny. Later that night we headed over to their house for dinner where we had some pasta, break sticks, and salad. Yum! As Brett and Cherise {Bryson's parents} were over in Peru picking Bryson up from his mission, their house was affected by the flood! It went through their garage into their basement, and ruined just about everything in its path. They came home to an empty basement with the walls half torn apart. Their yard was probably the worst of anyone's, but the wonderful volunteers of Santa Clara made it look 100x better before they got home! I can't even imagine how it would be to come home to your house torn apart like that, it seriously just makes you sick. On a better note, welcome home Bryson!!
This picture is so awkward, but i still love it!

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