Sunday, September 9, 2012

punch today in the face

School has started and life has gotten completely crazy around here! I am taking anatomy +  lab, physiology + lab, and phlebotomy. I feel like every morning I get up, study, go to class, study, work, study some more, then its time for bed. I have loved going to class and learning all about anatomy, but physiology is a whole different ball game. I have been feeling so overwhelmed about that class, and I have seriously been so stressed. I have been feeling like I have failed at everything lately. On Thursday in my phelebotomy class we did our first two sticks. I didn't draw blood on either of my sticks and I was really disappointed. On Friday I had a quiz for my physiology lab that really wasn't a big deal, but I really wanted to do well on the first quiz so I literally studied for four hours. I went to class and hey, guess what, the quiz wasn't even on anything I studied.Instead of the quiz being from the reading in the book, it was on the lab. Really dumb questions like, "what was activity three called?" I got a whoppin' 6/20 on the quiz and I lost it after that. I don't know what my deal is, I have been trying so dang hard, and failing so miserably, lets just hope I snap out of it quick. I saw this picture on pinterest and I thought it was pretty great. Countdown to Christmas, begins now. 

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  1. Tor I love you!! Taking anatomy AND phys?! At the same time! Holy cow. I'm sorry. You got this! You are a smarty, just keep chuggin along.