Monday, September 10, 2012

Elder Holland

This weekend Elder Holland came down for the dedication of the Jeffrey R. Holland building at Dixie State. I didn't attend the dedication since I had class during it, but I heard it was pretty great. My mom had heard that he might be coming to the Santa Clara 1st ward, and wondered if we wanted to go to church with them just in case he showed up. We went, and he did end up coming! Alex and I had saved seats for both of our families, and our grandma's too, since they are both in the ward. When my parents walked in, I was waving to them so they would know where we were sitting and after they saw me I turned around to go back to my seat. and guess what. Right as I turned around I smacked Elder Holland right on the back. How about a good first impression? I felt really bad and everyone was laughing really quite hard, it made me blush and I was really embarrassed to say the least ha. He spoke during the meeting and it was incredible. He is such a sweet man, and so funny. After the meeting we got to head up to the stand and meet him, I apologized for running into him and well smacking him with my hand, and he said he loved when people run into him, it gives him a chance to meet someone new. How about a good way to look at things? I think I need to have a better outlook on things instead of being upset at my quiz I studied the wrong material for, I should be glad that I now know what all of the other quizzes will be like and I will rock them for the rest of the semester.   I also want to start living in the moment, and stop trying to be done with things so quickly instead of just choosing to enjoy them. Even though this semester will be rough for me I hope I can enjoy it all instead of count down the days till it is over. 

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