Sunday, September 23, 2012

hailee's bridal shower

For Hailee's Bridal shower I decided I want to make her something. So naturally, I looked all over pinterest and couldn't find anything I really liked. One day I was thinking about it and came up with an idea I thought was pretty funny. At my bridal shower my friend Jenna gave me this awful book. It was called "Sex Tips for Girls, By Guys." I decided that I would recover it and make it a little bit cuter than it originally was. I named it the "Sex Tips Pass Along Book." There were some rules that came with this book...
I thought it turned out pretty great, and her shower turned out so dang cute!

 I really wanted a picture with my book because it kind of took me a long time, and I was really pretty proud of it ha, but Alex was asleep so this will just have to be good enough.

 hahaha this picture KILLS ME! Both Cam and Hailee! {this is when Hailee was opening the rest of her gift from me}

 She was really enjoying my tips haha

 I am so happy for Erik and Hailee to be married on the 21st! Congrats to these two cuties!

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