Tuesday, September 18, 2012

i'm comin' home

This week was homecoming at my old high school! Both my sisters were on royalty, so it made for a really great week! Friday morning we went to the assembly, and they were so great! It was Olympic themed, Mitzi and her partner were Sumo Wrestlers {since when is sumo wrestling an Olympic sport ha? oh well it was pretty dang cute} and Macey and her partner were gymnasts! 

 My sister Sadie also cheered in the assembly!
 My sisters are SO beautiful!
 Macey's actual homecoming date Brandon!

Our cute cousin Riley who ended up being the homecoming King! So fun to see these three on royalty! I can't believe it was two years ago when Reggie and I were on homecoming royalty together, I seriously can't believe it!

Saturday night was the Homecoming football game, and the alumni cheerleaders were asked to come back and cheer the second half of the game! I seriously forgot how much fun it was to cheer at a game. If Jessica and I were to go to practice on Monday while we were going over binders Kitty would say this, "Everyone was really good at the game, behaved really well! Except Jessica and Tori, you guys goofed off the whole time." SERIOUSLY THIS HAPPENED EVERY WEEK, AND WE TRIED SO SO HARD TO BE GOOD.
But now we think it is hilarious and we loved the fact that we could count on being in trouble every Monday! The homecoming game this year was possibly the greatest night of my mom's life. Seriously. She was the happiest woman in the world when she realized Mitzi and Macey were on royalty, and Sadie and I would be cheering together! It was really fun to cheer with my Sister Rosa haha she is the cutest girl out there and I love that she chose to do cheer, she is an incredible tumbler and cheerleader!

It was so much fun to cheer with all my girls again! 

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