Saturday, March 22, 2014

spring break 2014

We decided really last minute to head down to vegas for a few days and just relax! We stayed at the cancun resort. We have never stayed their and it was such a fun place! Ryker loved the water slides and hot tubs and Alex was such a good sport to hang out with him. We did nothing but lay out and shop. I looked dang good in a swimsuit in case you were wondering;) I was really embarrassed actually and we saw a few people we knew... It was a much needed break for Al & I life has been so busy and it was so nice to spend time together without worrying about work or school or anything else. I sure love him. Monday was Sadie's Birthday and we wanted to go somewhere fun and new for her birthday dinner. Who knew that every fun and new place we thought of was closed on Monday nights. We went to soo many different places, we were all being so dramatic about being really hungry and it made for a really funny night actually. We ended up at CPK maybe five minutes before they closed and we were in an out of there in fifteen minutes. It was such a fun and relaxing trip, just what we needed! Thanks for the fun getaway!

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