Saturday, September 27, 2014

day eight

We were finally on the home stretch. We knew Kam would get to come home on the night of day ten! Grandma Gates came to visit us, and we loved that! Alex and I decided to sleep at home that night since I had enough milk to get her through the night, and so many people told us to go home and get a good nights sleep before we had a baby at home with us. Alex had gone home a little earlier to get things ready for us to come home. He had this table all set up for me so I could pump in the night and take my medicine without leaving my bed. He is so thoughtful. Not pictured is the "throne" of pillows I had to sleep on. I wasn't able to lay flat, I couldn't breathe if i did, but that's another story for another post! Thanks for taking such good care of me Alex!

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