Saturday, September 27, 2014

day six

 Alex was able to be with Kambree a lot more than I could. He would always send me lots of pictures while he was with her. It was the best!
Day six was a pretty great day. On the sixth day I was discharged from the hospital. Kind of. Since I was doing more than 75% of K's feedings we were eligible to "room-in." We got to stay in the hospital for free! We didn't have a nurse or room service or anything like that, but we got a place to stay. Even though we were dying to get home and sleep in our own beds it was so nice to be so close to K and not have to drive back to the hospital every time she was ready to eat or we wanted to visit her. We were just a short walk and elevator ride away. What we didn't know is that since we weren't technically patients we couldn't have visitors either. We had told Ryker that he could come see K since he wasn't allowed in the NICU and he was DYING to see little Kam. We invited both our families over and we were so excited for Ryker and our nephews to finally meet Kam. Once my family arrived we found out that visitors were not allowed!! Luckily they let my family come in for just a minute since they were already there. Ryker was soo excited. He had been a little bit sick so my mom had him wear a mask and all was well. He was such a happy uncle. We had to call Alex's family and tell them they could't come. There were three little boys that were very unhappy. Apparently all three of them threw fits, we felt so bad getting their hopes up. We also had to call my aunt and uncle and tell them they couldn't bring their family. We felt so bad! I love that last picture of sleepy Kam, I love that sweet girl with all my heart.

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