Sunday, September 28, 2014

Eric + Sunny

Even though I wasn't feeling that great we decided we really should go up to Eric and Sunny's wedding and i'm really glad we did. We hung out in the hotel for the most part which was actually pretty relaxing. The nights were awful. It was even harder to breathe for me up there and Kambree slept terribly. We ended up going on really late night drives trying to get the baby to sleep and it just wasn't a good situation. But we lived and we made it through the wedding weekend! Eric and Sunny had their reception the night before their wedding. It was gorgeous! & the gelato was to die for! Alex and I probably ate more than our fair share, oops! We were able to stay longer than I thought, we were glad K was being good so lots of family members could meet her. The next morning was the wedding and we were seriously worried about getting there on time. We were able to get there on time, thank goodness! We had arranged for Alex's cousin Anna to watch Kam while we all went to the ceremony, I was so worried she would cry the whole time. When we were getting our recommends scanned they told me I had brought my old one. I couldn't believe it. Then I had to wait for them to call my stake president, it was so stressful. I was going to be pretty mad if I couldn't go to the wedding, I really wanted to be there. I was glad one of Alex's aunt's forgot hers too so I had someone to wait with, and we walked into the wedding late together ha. We were so glad they got ahold of our stake presidents in time! The ceremony was amazing. I love going to weddings, especially in the temple. I was really relieved when got back to Kambree and Anna and Kambree was still asleep, yay! After the ceremony, it was time for pictures. Kambree was ready to eat and she was reallyyyy mad that the sun was shining right in her face. Pictures weren't very fun ha. After we finally got done with pictures we went down the street to a little park where there was lunch catered by kneaders, yum! We ended up just visiting for a couple hours and then we went back to our hotel, packed up and headed home. We were so lucky that K slept all the way up and all the way back from Salt Lake, and I even got a little nap too! It ended up being a good trip and I am really glad we decided to go up. It surely wasn't easy, but it was worth it. Congrats Eric and Sunny!

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