Saturday, September 27, 2014

day seven

 On day seven they brought Kambree to me! I was sooo happy to not have to walk to the NICU and back. Alex went home to get a few more things for us so it was just baby K and I for a while. She gave a little smile in her sleep so naturally I slipped on a bow and started snapping pictures like the picture taking mom I am. She woke up and was not very happy to be woken up from her nap so the photo shoot came to a complete stop and we snuggled the rest of the night. Except it wasn't a good night at all. You see Kambree got to come stay with us, but she brought a whole slew of wire, cords, and beeping machines with her. We couldn't get one machine to turn off so Alex pressed the button that would turn off the beeping for ten minutes. The only problem was he had to do it every ten minutes for four hours. FOUR HOURS. It was awful. We finally called the NICU nurse to come save us from this awful beeping noise. We were sleep deprived, and I was sick, and the beeping madness was just the cherry on top. It woke Kam up everytime. After she swapped out the machine the night went a little bit smoother, but the machine would still beep every now and then. It was a really long night to say the least.

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