Thursday, September 25, 2014

Happy Fourth!

Our sweet little nephews made a video for me to help brighten my day since we were still in the hospital on one of my very favorite holidays! Oh how I love those little boysies!
I don't think it ever crossed our minds that we may still be in the hospital for the fourth. In fact I know it didn't ever cross our minds. Even though we would have rather spent it been at home with our sweet Kam, it ended up being a pretty okay day. We had a photo shoot with the NICU nurses who were dying over her outfit! The pictures aren't that great but it is so hard to get good pictures with all the cords and tubes! I was so glad we did it though, it made it a much better day. We loved when people would come visit us, and we had lots of visitors that day! We were looking forward to the firework show that night because our room had the most perfect view. We ordered oreo milkshakes and just a few minutes before the fireworks started the NICU nurses called us to see if we wanted to come up and feed Kambree. We decided it was rude of us to celebrate without her so we went up to be with her. There was no view of the fireworks from her room, but they sure were loud and she wasn't necessarily a fan of the loud noise the fireworks made. It was good to be together as a family though. I was really glad we went to be with her. It turned out to be a pretty great day. Happy fourth!!

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