Saturday, September 27, 2014

day five

Day five was a good but rough day in the hospital. They would call me to come up and feed K and I would have to walk up by myself. It was hard on me. I hated getting up, and I was sooo slow. I knew I had the sweetest little bundle waiting for me in the NICU so these walks were surely worth it. I would usually just get there and stay their for at least two feedings sometimes three. Those NICU nurses are the sweetest people on this earth. I have never felt so taken care of. Day five my colostrum starting coming in more than just a few drops. I was soo happy. The lactation specialist didn't think nursing was going to work out for us because we had such a rough start and I was soo sick post-delivery. We did it though and I am so glad we did. Poor Sadie and Alex. They would sit with me while I tried to pump and they would help me because I was just so sick. That isn't something you necessarily want help with, but I was desperate to be able to nurse my baby and it was worth it.  

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