Thursday, January 2, 2014

california 2013

During fall break my parents decided we would go on one last family trip before the twins left for their missions. We drove down to Las Vegas Friday afternoon and watched Sadie cheer at the Snow Canyon football game. We stayed the night in Vegas then got up and headed to California the next morning, it was nice to break up the drive a little bit!
When we got to California we checked into our hotel and went straight to Knotts-Berry Farm. It was such a fun day. My family had never been on the Ghostrider before and they loved it! There were a few rides Ryker wasn't tall enough for and it made him feel really bad. We tried to sneak him on one but got caught at the last minute. The last time we went to Knotts-Berry Farm there was this ride that Sadie was obsessed with. Like she went 20+ times. Well we decided it would be fun to go on it for old times sake. BIG MISTAKE. This was a spinning ride and it was terrible. We went once and we thought we were going to die haha.
The next day my parents took us all to Dodger stadium for a baseball game. The game started at one or two but of course we had to be there at eleven to watch warm-ups and what not. We got shirts and Dodger dogs and did all the things you are supposed to do a baseball game. The only problem was it was insanely hot and sitting under the sun for six or seven hours was torture. Luckily they gave us all little cups and we could get unlimited refills of ice. I think I got a hundred refills. I have never sweat so much in my life. It was a good game though and I loved the atmosphere. Baseball will always be my favorite. I also wore my shades all day which was a mistake since we were having family pictures that night... I looked like a raccoon. 
Pictures at the beach probably wasn't our greatest idea yet. We got all ready, but by the time we got to the beach and down to the shore we all had straight and/or frizzy hair. Oh well! It was good enough!
Before we went home Monday morning we spent a few hours playing at the beach. We caught a lot of little crabs and played in the water. It was sooo cold! We got used to it pretty fast and attempted body surfing. We aren't very good haha. But we tried and we had a really good time. Thanks Mom and Dad for the fun trip! We loved it!! 

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