Monday, January 20, 2014

new years eve!

New Years Eve is almost always spent up at my aunt and uncle's cabin in Pine Valley. We started the night off with navajo tacos & scones for dessert. YUM! Then we played lots of games. We played the name game, mad-gab, and lots of others. Before we had dinner I had this awesome idea that i was going to reach my new years resolution of getting my blog caught up. I got about five blog posts done in maybe twenty minutes and I was way excited about reaching my goal before midnight! Then I got to our California trip where i had lots of pictures to post. I forget that the connection up there is pretty bad and it took a little over four hours to get all those pictures uploaded. What a joke! I felt pretty bad that we stayed at their cabin so late, but i didn't want to leave and have wasted all that time! I obviously didn't reach my goal since I am just doing the last post today... twenty days later! At least i got it done! We had a great night, and we surprised ourselves by making it till midnight! Bring on 2014!

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