Monday, January 6, 2014


Somehow my mom and I convinced my little sister to skip school for a day and come to Vegas with us! We shopped all day, it was so fun! We went to Baja Fresh for lunch, we haven't been there forever and it is one of our favorites! I forgot how yummy it is. Sadie decided she wanted to share my Diet Coke with me and she probably filled it up five times! ha! It was hilarious she never drinks pop. I was on the phone half the time trying to set up my gender check appointment (January 2!!) and Sadie was guzzling the Diet Coke. After lunch we went to a different mall and Sadie had an insane amount of energy. My mom and I were laughing our heads off. What a nut. We had a really fun day shopping and just enjoying the day together! I wish my other sisters were here, it wasn't the same without them! 

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