Monday, January 20, 2014

It's a... GIRL!

Our ultrasound appointment was on January 2nd, 2013. I had an appointment earlier that day, and then Alex and I went to the ultrasound appointment together at 12:30. They had me drink quite a bit of water before the appointment and i was convinced that i was going to pee! Of course the first thing she does is push on my bladder so hard ha I thought i was going to lose it! Next we looked at the skull and the brain. Our babies brain was symmetrical (good news!) and was measuring just as it should. Then we looked at lots of fingers and toes. The screen wasn't that great of quality so we couldn't really count, but there were plenty, i think! ;) We looked at the spine and at all the bones. It was incredible. I was amazing that i could so clearly see the radius and unla and the tibia and fibula. Our baby is teeny, yet everything was forming just as it should. I don't know if i have ever been so grateful in my life. Then it was time to find out if we were having a little boy or a little girl! The tech said, " wow! This baby is being very cooperative, do you guys want to know what you are having?" Of course we said yes, and she said "it's a girl!" I was immediately overwhelmed and excited and i can't even describe how I felt. I teared up a little bit and the tech said, "If i would have said it was a boy, would you have still cried?" I said yes, and she said, "you seem like the type!" That made me laugh and I was grateful that she was so kind to us. I think my favorite thing was watching Alex's face when she said it was a girl. I don't know if i have ever seen him smile so big. He is one proud dad, and my heart might have exploded. I am so grateful she was cooperative, my prayers were answered! We were finding out weeks earlier than we should have, oops! I am so excited to meet our little girl, and I have never seen anything more perfect! I love you little girl, and I am so excited to be your mom! 

As soon as we got through at our appointment we hurried over to foot locker to get some purple Nike Frees. Alex has been eyeing them up for quite a while ha! He loves little girl shoes and I catch him shopping online quite a bit! Then we went to sportsman's to find some camo. Alex had an idea a couple weeks ago to get camo and pink and put the camo on top so when my dad opened it he would think it was a boy, then he would pull out the pink. We had everyone else open the purple Nike's. It was a really fun way to tell our family. Sorry for the overload of pictures. I have a hard time choosing, so i'll just post them all! 
 My dad thought twins! Oops! 
My mom had already made cupcakes, but she was prepared with pink and blue frosting ha. She also had pink lemonade and blue kool-aid ready to make! 
After the boys opened up the shoes Jett ran upstairs and came back down with a pair of socks. He put his socks on then tried and tried to get the shoes on his feet. He thought they were for him! We felt kind of bad but it was hilarious. Linc was being a little bit shy and didn't want to get a picture with us! It also must be documented that Ace wants us to name our baby Turnip SO BAD. He truly loves the name. Since we haven't chosen a name yet the Hafen family refers to her as turnip ha. I'm afraid this little one already has a nickname.
We love you little girl!
I may have found this outift at T.J. Maxx for $20.00 and I might be a little obsessed. Little girls are too fun! 


  1. SO excited that you are having a girl! What a fun way to tell your family! Love it! XO

  2. Oh my goodness... those teeny little shoes! So cute!!! I love the joy you can see on everyone's faces! :) CONGRATS! :D

  3. ahhh so exciting! congratulations! haha i love that camo idea. and those mini nikes are freaking cute!

  4. Yay!! Congrats....girls are so much fun!!

  5. Can't wait for baby cambri (no idea how to spell it?)!! Haha "He truly loves the name Turnip" made me laugh so hard!