Sunday, January 5, 2014

snow in st. george

This year we had an insane amount of snow in St. George! The snow started falling on Friday night and it snowed all day on Saturday. Alex and I both got out of work because of the snow and instead of playing in the snow we took advantage of a day off work and school and just relaxed! We stayed inside and watched the snow fall. That night we did decide to have a snowball fight. Big mistake on my part. Alex kicked my butt! We had a lot of fun though! Then Alex had a really awful idea. He thought we could drive over to Santa Clara to watch the Jazz game. We were so worried that we wouldn't be able to get home the next morning so we ended up taking all our stuff to stay the night with us. The drive over was so scary! It took us fifty minutes to get to our parents house probably. The only problem was that they power was out at both our parents houses when we got over there! Since we hadn't eaten dinner and we couldn't make anything over there, Alex's parents took us to pizza factory for dinner. Yum! Then we went over to my parents for a little while. It was actually kind of fun! The power was out for almost three hours. It was crazy! We ended up staying the night at Alex's parents house and church was cancelled the next day because the roads were so bad! I was really grateful that we just got to stay at home all day Sunday. We had finals the next two days and it was really nice to get a little extra study time! 

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