Friday, January 17, 2014

skype with abbey & christmas eve

On Christmas Eve we got to Skype with one of our favorite sister missionaries. I was supposed to work on Christmas Eve but i ended up being really sick that day and didn't leave the house. Luckily I was feeling much better in the evening so we were able to spend the night with our family. We headed over to Hans and Lori's house and had a homemade cafe rio dinner. Why is that dinner soo good? I am quite excited for the part of pregnancy when I actually want to eat and have an appetite because instead of eating for two I eat less than half of what I normally would eat! Weird. After dinner we all waited for Abbey to email us letting us know she was ready to skype. The email finally came and we were thrilled! It took a minute to get everything figured out and for it all to connect. The Philippines is so far away! We love technology for allowing us to talk to our favorite sister living "in the jungle" as our nephews would say! Talking to Abbey was the best! It was so good to see her sweet, smiling face. I love her and miss her so much! I love having a sister so close to me in age! After talking to Abbey we went over to my Grandma Gates' house to do all the usual christmas eve things. We acted out the nativity, sang a few christmas songs, read a book or two, and found the pickle in the tree. A few years a go my Grandma had my cousin Kensey illustrate a book that my great grandma gates wrote many years ago. The story of Tommy and Lucy on Christmas Eve. My grandma has always read the story to us on Christmas Eve, I love that she had it made into a book. That night we helped set up Christmas and slept at my parents house! Christmas Eve treated us well!
As we were setting up the crib and other presents on christmas eve, Kaleb insisted on testing out this motorcycle for Ryker. It was too funny. We were trying to be so quiet with the presents and Kaleb was riding this all over the basement. He is always trying to liven things up! I love that boy!

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