Monday, January 6, 2014


One night I was working at Freddy's. Alex came in around five and said he wasn't feeling that great but he was heading over to the Boyce's to watch the Jazz game. I was supposed to work until seven but around six o' clock I started throwing up at work. They sent me home. As I was driving home Alex called and said he was feeling sick so he was on his way home too. I got home and immediately started throwing up. Alex got home and laid down for a little while. Around seven Alex started throwing up. He was throwing up so much in a very short time. Then his stomach started hurting him and he had diarrhea on top of throwing up! It was insane. I am pretty such every ounce of fluid in his body was gone in about thirty minutes out one end or the other. He would come get back in bed in between throwing up and going to the bathroom and he was shaking and hurting so bad. I started getting really worried. I thought that if he could keep Unisom down that he would be able to relax and go to bed. Unisom is mostly for pregnant ladies but it's supposed to help with nausea and help you sleep, it sounded like a good idea! I decided to take one too since I had been throwing up and I thought we would both go right to sleep. Boy was I wrong. Alex threw it up in less than ten minutes. After he came and got back in bed I asked him if i needed to take him to Instacare. He said yes. We got ready and out the door we went. We got to instacare, parked and we got Alex out of the car. They were closed!! Seriously? We got back into the car and off to the ER we went. Keep in mind that I had taken Unisom and it puts me right to sleep! We got checked in and things started getting better pretty soon after that. They got an IV in Alex and he was so dehydrated. They were giving him all sorts of medicine, I couldn't keep track. It was a long night. We were in the ER for two or three hours and I was doing the best I could to stay awake and take care of Alex. He came down with a fever after we got there and I was so grateful to have help. I was so scared at home. I thought he was going to pass out and I would not have been able to carry him by myself. We got out of the ER around midnight and went home. I have never been so thankful to have the day off of work the next day. The next day we stayed at home and rested. Alex was doing a lot better. He didn't eat much of anything for the next few days, and I think his appetite has diminished a little even now. It was a scary night, but I am grateful that we have a hospital so close and that there were people that could help us. 

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